About Web Hosting Watch

Web Hosting Watch is a website that presents facts; facts which are based on extensive research and user based reviews, all made concise in readable and relatable presentation, both of global web hosting websites and especially of UK based web hosting services.

The level of detail employed by Web Hosting Watch is quite unparalleled in scope and dimension.

It compares price levels with intricate detail to the number of months you would have to pay for in order to be awarded a certain rate, the total worth of the ad coupons and the value for money that you would get with a certain host.

Offering side by side comparison of the various features of the webhosting companies, it rates the overall suite of features offered by a webhosting company inclusive of the bandwidth limitations, the storage limitations, webhost support reliability and speed, number of domains offered, etc.

All in all Web Hosting Watch is the perfect solution for comparing the different web hosts available to you in an efficient manner so that you can decide which is best suited for your website.