The Important Key Options you need to check in your Web Hosting

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People who aspire to have a web presence, through the establishment of some web page or blog and those that already own certain website domains know the importance of a “WEBHOST”. A web host basically is a service that charges you some fee and in return gives you a portion of their servers for you to use in order to setup a web page.

The myriad of websites, ranging from corporate businesses selling millions worth products per month to mega news blogs attracting a staggering amount of visitors per day to the simple personal blogs with the occasional few visitors, everything is kept online through the servers of these hosts.

Some key points you would need to check in your web host are as follows:


The first and foremost question anybody asks about a service is that how much will it cost, and web hosts generally appeal to their customers by offering the most services in the least pricing. In this regard, however, some hosts excel above others. Hosts like iPage and BlueHost offer really affordable plans with a suite of software support and features as well. iPage is actually ridiculously cheap and offers to upload your website for no more than $1.99/mo. But when the value for money is considered then SiteGround may be the best option, they have top of the line features and support at a very nominal price of $3.95/mo.


With increasing internet traffic on your web page and the extensive integration of many kinds of software, you are bound to run into some issues. Issues like delays in loading, slow response times, bugs, etc. Every website owner knows this and the longer your web page is down, the more money you lose as nobody would like to visit a slow buggy website. For that regard, some web hosts offer guarantees about their reliability in keeping your web page online. Amongst the many that do offer this, SiteGround and HostGator stand out the most. Both offer a staggering 99.9% uptime guarantee with money compensation if they fail their promise.


Creating beautiful, functional web pages is the key to holding and keeping a lot of traffic on your web page. In order to help you build your web page from the ground up, many web hosts offer a range of tools and software. These include web page creation tools like cPanel, offered by HostGator and SiteGround, to design the outlook of your web page, and integrated tools like SSL, offered by SiteGround, to allow for eCommerce right in your web page. Most hosting companies offer almost a complete suite of software support and a varied mix of tools so comparing web hosts based on features is not a reliable means of differentiating them. With that said, SiteGround and HostGator are a bit more flexible and diverse when it comes to features.


Contacting your web host in times of crisis, whenever your webpage is down or having some issues, helps a lot in resolving the underlying issue. The rapidity of response from the web host’s support team is absolutely crucial here, and in this regard SiteGround is unmatched. They offer live chat support, connecting you to one of their personnel in less than a minute, and you can also view the profile and picture of who is talking to you. No other hosting company comes even close to this. Some other notable hosts with good response times are HostGator and BlueHost.


You do not want to be stuck with a wrong host when you have started your web page and are experiencing problems, downtime, bugs and overly expensive pricing. You just don’t want to be that person who is stuck with having to transfer his web page from one host to the other. Be the person who is smart enough to choose the right host from the start and throughout this review, there has been no better host than SiteGround. They easily defeat the competition by being the best in class when it comes to support, offer a ton of features and are nominally priced.

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