Are you unhappy with your Web Hosting Service Provider

Unhappy with your Web Hosting service provider

There is a host of reasons behind driving individuals and companies for opting out from their existing web hosting companies.

There could be many reasons such as not being able to access enough space or bandwidth or there could be reasons such as not adequate customer service, or might be another service provider is giving a better rate. No matter what the reason is, but one has to be very careful during the entire process of transferring from one host to another so that there is no downtime.

Pointers for Hassle free transition

Unhappy Web hosting Service

We should carefully observe few points so that the transition is hassle free and the website and the user experience is not affected. Thus, with a little bit of proper planning and strategy, a lot of problems can be taken care of.

While migrating from one hosting service to another there are few simple steps that one should adhere to. These steps include keeping the existing account open till the entire transition process has been done. So, ideally one should wait till the new account setup, file transfer, email creation and setup, DNS (Domain Name System) modification and propagation etc has been done. By doing this, you can experience a seamless transition procedure where during the process the website and the domain email accounts are rendered untouched and they function in a normal course.

Further, while considering a proper web hosting provider one needs to analyse the operating system more intently i.e. Windows Vs Linux, which would completely depend on the requirements of the website that has to be hosted. The other vital parameters are bandwidth and disk space requirement. Never forget to create a backup of the existing data, make sure you download all existing files so that there is no loss of data.

The best practice is to download the files in the same order as you wish to upload them again. To keep the email procedure unaffected, it is essential to keep the same email addresses. Once all web files have been uploaded to the new web hosting server and all emails have been recreated the next step is to go ahead and make the required changes in the domain name server.

DNS  can be procured by signing up with the new web hosting provider. The next step would be to replace the existing DNS settings with the new web hosting provider. This can be very easily done via the domain management panel or the domain registrar. The new DNS typically takes 24 -48 hours to get generated. In the interim, the old web host supports the website and the email.

A very important phase that people ignore during transition from web hosting service provider

The last vital step in the cog of changing your Web hosting service provider is the testing phase. One should run through the entire process and see if the system runs smoothly or if there are any glitches which need to be addressed before the services of the previous service provider is terminated. Hence it is always advisable to not cancel the old service; it should be done once the new host is properly set.

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